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Tropospheric sounding from satellite observations provides critical information about atmospheric composition and its impact on human health and climate. The TRopospheric Ozone and Precursors from Earth System Sounding (TROPESS) project generates Earth System Data Records (ESDRs) of ozone and other atmospheric constituents by processing data from multiple satellites through a common retrieval algorithm and ground data system. These products are rigorously validated using uncertainty analysis in conjunction with independent measurements.  These steps quantify the accuracies needed to make long-term trends through multi-satellite records and chemical data assimilation.

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Photo of Joshua Laughner
Joshua Laughner
Tropospheric Composition
Photo of Kazuyuki Miyazaki
Kazuyuki Miyazaki
Tropospheric Composition - Scientist
Photo of Vivienne Payne
Vivienne Payne
Tropospheric Composition - Group Supervisor