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MEaSUREs: SIF-ESDR Project Logo

NASA, through its Earth Science Data Systems, supports the NASA Earth Science research community in providing Earth science data products and services driven by NASA's Earth Science goals. NASA's Earth Science Program is dedicated to advancing Earth remote sensing and pioneering the scientific use of satellite measurements to improve human understanding of our home planet in order to inform economic and policy decisions and improve operational services of benefit to the Nation. Through the MEaSUREs Program, NASA is continuing its commitment to expand understanding the Earth system using consistent records. NASA has begun to deploy new types of sensors to provide three-dimensional profiles of Earth's atmosphere and surface. Emphasis is placed into linking together multiple satellites into a constellation, developing the means of utilizing a multitude of data sources to form coherent time series, and facilitating the use of extensive data in the development of comprehensive Earth system models.


Photo of Eric Fetzer
Eric Fetzer
Atmospheric Physics And Weather
Photo of Felix Landerer
Felix Landerer
Sea Level And Ice - Project Scientist – GRACE Follow-On
Photo of Nima Madani
Nima Madani
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems
Photo of Alexander Norton
Alexander Norton
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems
Photo of Nicholas Parazoo
Nicholas Parazoo
Carbon Cycle And Ecosystems
Photo of Julie Sanchez
Julie Sanchez
Ocean Circulation And Air Sea Interaction - JPL Postdoctoral Fellow