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The "Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean" (ECCO) project assimilates observations with models to produce sustained estimates of the complete three-dimensional global state of the ocean for studying large-scale ocean dynamics, designing observational strategies, and examining the ocean's role in climate variability. The project brings together diverse data streams, including satellite observations (e.g., sea level from the Jason-series satellite altimeters and ocean bottom pressure from the GRACE and GRACE-Follow On missions) and in situ measurements (e.g., temperature and salinity profiles from Argo floats and CTDs) to obtain the best possible estimate of the time evolving ocean circulation and related uncertainties.

ECCO contributes to programs such as the Climate and Ocean: Variability, Predictability and Change (CLIVAR) and Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) OceanView projects. ECCO is a consortium with partners at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Texas (UT) at Austin, Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

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Photo of Ian Fenty
Ian Fenty
Ocean Circulation And Air Sea Interaction
Photo of Ichiro Fukumori
Ichiro Fukumori
Ocean Circulation And Air Sea Interaction
Photo of Tong Lee
Tong Lee
Earth Science - Senior Research Scientist
Photo of Dimitris Menemenlis
Dimitris Menemenlis
Ocean Circulation And Air Sea Interaction - Group Supervisor
Photo of Raphaël Savelli
Raphaël Savelli
Ocean Circulation And Air Sea Interaction - JPL Postdoctoral Fellow
Photo of Ou Wang
Ou Wang
Ocean Circulation And Air Sea Interaction